Is it the land of dreams?

Last night I went to see the most talked about film of the moment. Admittedly it took me a little while to get into La La Land; I was surprised by this because I love a musical.  For those who dread the ‘M’, I can reassure that the film does balance song and dance with still drama, wit and emotion. I loved it.

It was (without giving too much away) a knock on reality’s door, a depiction of the true and harsh realities of life contrasted against the fantasy of romance. It might break your heart if you’re a true romantic (I’m not a romantic according to my friends– I would argue that though) but it was thoroughly enjoyable and I laughed plenty throughout.

I left, not in tears (my friend, the true romantic, was balling it) but appreciating that it inspires; you can achieve your dreams if you try and work hard enough. But I was also reminded that life can play out a little differently to your expectations sometimes. I found this bit depressing – that’s the true romantic in me speaking.


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