The luxury homeware store you’ll never want to leave



It’s crazy to say that one of my most memorable moments in Chicago was a homeware store, right? What about the architecture, Lake Michigan, Wrigley Field and the other must see attractions? Of course I saw those too but Restoration Hardware was a surprise highlight. This is not just any kind of homeware store, this is a spectacle of delight, unbearable pleasure, a place where you don’t expect to sign away 5 hours of your life – but the moment you step inside, you hand over that commitment in a second.

Set in an art deco, beautiful red brick building that was once the Three Arts Club of Chicago for women, is now a theatre of magnificent home furnishings staged in exquisitely decorated rooms, some of which are centred around, what I am assuming to be the sinks of the dormitories that once fulfilled it’s duties as a residential space.

And it really is an Oh My God, Wow, Holy Shhhhhhoooot kind of place. From the wine vault to the courtyard cafe and rooftop bar where I witnessed an insanely beautiful sunset, this place oozes luxury with a big fat capital L. Pleasantly it’s not pretentious at all. (Obviously we weren’t there to purchase any $7,000 sofa). In fact, RH welcomes people to admire and appreciate the building’s original beauty and features and leaving you to be swept away and dazzled by the contemporary additions that the retailer brings.

After 5 hours of wandering through wonder, we resigned in the cafe for a tea (we just weren’t ready to leave!!) and found ourselves surrounded by mild golden lit lamps, towering trees, and a glistening chandelier overhead. We were planning our return. I can’t say if and when another retail experience will top this.

If you are ever in Chicago, please make this a priority. You’ll never want to go to IKEA again ;).

See the video on their website too, my photos might not do it all the justice it deserves.



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