Liverpool you beaut.


As I trawl through my social feed to dig out some moments worth sharing, I thought I’d give a loyal nod to my hometown, Liverpool.

Liverpool is an unsung hero of a city. I’ve tried many times, unsuccessfully to convince some friends to shuffle themselves North for a visit. This is the ‘year of Liverpool’ they say, yet I still wait for them to deliver on their promise. They don’t quite know what they are missing. For those who know better, they have enjoyed Liverpool in all it’s glory, soaking up the sights, atmosphere, nightlife and befriended the lovely city.

I am proud to say I’m from one of the friendliest cities in the U.K; a city that is rich in history and in culture. I am sad that 8 years of London living is battering my accent with southern slurs but it never ceases to please me when people recognise the northern twang they deem ‘so Scouse’ because they have been deprived of a true Liverpudlian accent.

Do I really need to say why Liverpool is a place you should visit at least once in your life? Not to mention its global fame as the city that brought the world the Beatles and Cilla Black,  it also boasts two huge football clubs, two magnificently designed cathedrals, stunning museums and galleries and the beautiful docks that once played a huge role in the shipping of cotton, rum and tobacco.

But Liverpool is so much more than that. It’s a city that is alive with the warmth of its people; the people make the reputation, the personality and the welcoming spirit that I love so much about it.

Take a walk through the cobbled paths close to Hope Street and admire the classic Georgian houses in the vicinity (where they film Peaky Blinders.) I grew up near here and I remember so well how much I loved watching from my bedroom window when they would shut down my street to film period dramas. Up and down the horse carriages would go; and up and down my eyeballs would follow in utter curiosity.

Explore the architectural genius of the two magnificent cathedrals. Wander around the docks, pop into the Tate and spend the afternoon eating cake in the cafes that surround the serene water.

Spend the afternoon immersed in the Beatles Museum; drift through the trails of artefacts and step inside a reconstruction of the iconic Cavern Club.

As evening falls, head down to Matthew Street and boogie with the locals to the live music in Lennon’s Bar.

In the height of summer, snack on ice cream and bask in the sunny delights of Sefton Park.

That’s my personal recommendation for a short weekend away anyway.

For those who have never dreamed of it, please do give humble Liverpool a chance, she’s a real gem.


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