An enchanting dining experience


C’est très beau.

Last April I dined at one of London’s finest and most enchanting French restaurants, Clos Maggiore. It’s not uncommon for London’s top restaurants to claim advanced waiting lists but this one requires booking a year in advance.

I can reassure you it is well worth the wait.

By the way, I’m no regular fine diner; this was a 30th birthday surprise. I am a very lucky lady, lucky enough to have a generous ninja planner for a fella.

Renowned for its romantic setting, there are few tables set in this stunning secret like garden, a conservatory that is filled with blossoms and fairy lights climbing up the walls and gracefully across the ceiling.  As you walk in, you may hold your breath for a minute to take in this striking and elegant room. I was totally in awe and still am. When you walk into a place as charming as this, you feel like you’re tip toeing through something fragile; something that is so delicate, you don’t want to disturb such an ambience.

Serene and quiet, I look around to see fellow diners settled into their magical evening, smiling as they read our faces, nodding with the mutual understanding of what is racing through our minds this very moment.

You cannot help but want to photograph this instant moment (especially if you have to wait another year to see it again!) but it’s so calm and tranquil that it feels too inappropriate to get the camera out. But I’m here once and I intend to make the most of it. As we snap away, we realise we’ve actually broken that awkward barrier for others. The couple sitting in the opposite corner, (probably eternally grateful to us) casts a look that speaks volumes ‘see, they’re taking photos’ and as we set the agenda, they whip out their phones to capture a few selfies. And Clos Maggiore embraces it; of course we should seize the moment, they’re proud of their restaurant and appreciate our delight.

For dinner I selected a lobster tortellini to start followed by rabbit for main. There’s nothing more to it, it’s just beautiful food in a beautiful place. Swept away by the romance of it all, I completely forgot why I was there in the first place until my birthday truffles and coffee arrived.

I am ever so grateful to have experienced this.

If you’ve got a special moment coming up in 2018 or want to treat someone, take my words as they are.

It is worth noting that you need to book the conservatory for the full experience. [We also went on a week day and I believe the waiting list is slightly less for a weekday.]

Remember, good things come to those who wait. 🙂


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