One Love – The Bob Marley Musical



I went to see this at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre last week and was truly blown away. Written and directed by Kwame Kwei-Armah, a light is shone on Bob Marley’s career and the large influence he had as a leader of peace and uniting the people of Jamaica through his music.His classic hits intertwine into the story seamlessly, taking the audience on a spiritual and political journey.

Everything about this production is right. Mitchell Brunings plays Bob Marley and his voice is indistinguishable from the real Bob Marley himself. I was in love with Alexia Khadime (Rita Marley) by the end. She is stunning. The two portray the emotional journey of infidelity so well; in the audience we all felt her pain of betrayal.

I appreciated the intimacy of the Birmingham Rep. It was fantastic to see a real invitation to the audience to join the cast on stage as it came to a close. There was a genuine sense of joy and unity in the audience; everyone was there to celebrate the music and a legendary artist.


I can’t recommend it enough to anyone and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to see it again. 

My only complaint is that they didn’t play ‘Buffalo Soldier’, but I can live with that!

Next Marley adventure: Damian Marley at Somerset House this summer.


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