Escape to the New Forest

If like me, you sometimes tire of the overpopulated, smog dense London and want to escape at the weekend; then why not book a weekend trip to the New Forest. It’s as enchanting as it sounds. Wild ponies and cattle roaming free, endearing thatched cottages you could only dream of in fairy-tale land, fresh air in abundance and idyllic woods, what’s not to like? You will completely fall in love with this blissful beauty that is New Forest.  

Just an hour and a half direct from Waterloo, it’s the perfect short weekend break. 


We stayed at the Little Heathers B&B in Brockenhurst, it’s a beautiful home with amazing hosts and I’d highly recommend it.

Brockenhurst is just one area of the vast new Forest. If you travel by car you can easily see the pretty sights of Lyndhurst too. As we travelled by train we spent our time mainly in the Brockenhurst area but there is plenty to see and do here.

You can cycle or walk through the Forest; we chose to walk but I’d happily go back again and cycle it! See the ponies as they mooch under the trees and gallop through the fields. Stop off at a rustic pub for lunch. It won’t take long for you to be seduced by the peaceful stunning woodlands. It really is nature at its best.  Our walk took us back around into the little village where a pony greeted us at the cash point!




We visited the infamous Pig Hotel for dinner. It’s cosy, luxurious, splendid and a true epitome of British countryside.  And dinner is a dream. Priding themselves on the quality and freshness of home grown ingredients, visitors can wander through the hotel grounds, visit the garden and vegetable patch and see the chicken and pigs grazing outback. We sat outside overlooking the green as the sun went down.


The next day we went up to the magnificent Rhinefield House Hotel for afternoon tea. Even the drive to the hotel is an experience. Towering trees engulf you and make you feel tiny and wild bunnies darting in and of the Forest are an incredible sight.




The New Forest is definitely not a place you see once, you’ll want to go back, trust me.


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